Self Care

What really is self-care? Self care is a mindset. It’s how you train your mind to talk to yourself. It is quietening that voice that tells you you are not good enough, not worthy or not loveable. Self care is about replacing those thoughts with healthy new beliefs and with love. Self care is also about choosing to be in alignment with who you really are so that you are inspired to take action. So how do we stay in alignment with our true selves? It starts with finding a practice that works for you and then repeating it until it becomes second nature. It also starts with taking a break from your work instead of giving up completely. It’s finding those moments to take time out for you, to come back to you and what it is you really want and need in that moment.

What are ways in which I can practice self care? Physically, you can go for a run, have a bath, dance or take a nap. Emotionally, you can journal, talk to someone, meditate, practice gratitude or affirmations. Mentally, you can read a book, write, try something new, listen to a podcast. Spiritually, you can go for a walk in nature, do volunteer work or do yoga. Professionally, you can take a lunch break, sort your emails, tidy your work space or set your phone on ‘do not disturb’ after work hours. These are all ideas on how to practice self care. Find out what works for you. Find moments to incorporate things that you love to do and bring those moments of joy into your life. These acts of self care change the way you behave towards yourself during difficult or strenuous times. This changes the conversation you have with yourself, you become much kinder and open up the space for love and joy.

What are the other benefits of self-care? Self care improves your self compassion. Self care will help you find out what it is you really love, want and need. Self care will give you the energy to give to others. Self care alleviates stress which ultimately improves your sleep. Self care makes room for joy and brings you back to the present moment.

So take the time out, find those moments of joy and come back to you. It will benefit you and those around you.

– Jess

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