I’ve learned that in order to help other people you have to fill up your own cup first. It’s about replacing your thought patterns with positive thoughts. It’s not about going for a run or wearing a face mask every second day, although those are both helpful, it’s what comes from within. For example, I’ve recently tried a self care exercise called ‘affirmations.’ If you’ve never heard of affirmations this may at first sound a little silly.

Affirmations are when you repeat a saying to yourself again and again until you reach a point where you fully believe what is being said. The biggest question around affirmations is ‘Do they actually work?’ The important thing to remember is that they work if you repeat it often enough. How you get them to work is repeating it again and again for at least five minutes on a daily basis. You have to keep the phrase short, specific and concise for example ‘I am calm.’ These phrases create empowering messages in your subconscious mind and over time you start to believe whatever you are repeating. They instil something in you right now, in the present day. If you are at a point where you feel tied down by some sort of circumstance or limitation this exercise brings you back to the present moment.

I chose ‘I am calm’ as my phrase because it brings me back to the body and allows space for clarity in the mind. There is also a certain confidence that comes with being calm. You can pick any phrase you like so long as it’s clear and concise and you repeat it often enough in order to get to where you want to be. Also remember that you can’t do everything at once, start with one phrase and then work towards another one. Soon it will become fun and habitual. Repeat and repeat and repeat.


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